Cycling as Method, Cycling as Weathering III

So, this morning I rode west to Burwood along the Cooks River to get to a new job at Western Sydney University, Institute for Culture and Society. And I came across my dream sign – a stormwater warning especially for cyclists: cycling and stormwater are officially together at last!


This sign sort of makes riding through a stormwaterfall look fun – though if you were actually rained down upon by stormwater from Canterbury Road above, I think you’d wanna keep your mouth closed! I’ve ridden along this path before, but never really thought about this sign.

It is a pretty hilarious section of the river path. The two-way cycle way narrows so much we can’t fit a trailer (which is wheelchair width) through. And, there is actually, a stormwater outlet at head height:

“Dig here” says the graffiti inside the pipe – there is also a fairly sizable crack in this pipe, so maybe someone tried!

I also really like the Trump graffiti “I’m a catalyst of your stimulating convos” … both underlining Trump’s narcissism, but also pointing out how we’re all feeding it. Also, it seems that “Yellow/orange hair” is the universal signifier for Trump.


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