Rainy Day #1: Ambivalence

I love the rain and “stormwater” is my primary object of affection/inquiry/desire, but riding today was more frustrating than yesterday. I was wet down to undies again. Instead of the heat seeping outward, the rain made it inward. So that was a bit annoying, but it is also so interesting. There are so many little puddles and minor blockages in drains that interest me. That I feel more significantly when cycling. The puddle splashing up on my ankles, draining down my leg and into my shoes. The cars splash me just because they can and do. I want to photograph everything. Every little flow and blockage. But currently my apparatus is a broken phone. So I just took two pictures once I arrived at work. The pleasure of changing into dry clothes offsets frustrations of being out in it. I also like having an excuse to have my bike in the office with me.

Two observations of weird behaviour:

  1. The man who waited under the awning this morning at daycare drop off because he didn’t want to get wet walking <4m to his car parked right outside.
  2. The woman who had a large plastic garbage bag over her pram (not just draped but actually over the hood and child and I could just see the little legs sticking out the bottom).

2017-02-14-11-59-43 2017-02-14-11-59-05


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