Mild Day #1: Relief, Joy


2017-02-13-08-58-03When I arrived at work this morning, Sydney Uni’s famous Quadrangle building reflected my mood: radiant, triumphant, powerful, strong. Just like the glowing sandstone, the sun was bouncing off my surface too, making me glow majestically. The brilliant, clear blue sky framed my body too, in magnificent contrast to my skin tones which sit on the other side of the colour spectrum.

The pleasures of riding in cooler weather are difficult to calculate after a heatwave, but I felt it in my bones this morning. I can’t say that my face actually reflects that same beauty, but certainly after a ride over hills and dales (partway dragging a trailer with a 15kg toddler just sitting on his butt singing idly) I am not the shock of red and sweat I was last week. I don’t want this blog to be entirely about my feelings about cycling, but the pleasure I took in this morning’s ride needed to be documented for posterity.



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