Sydney University Cascades

Below is a video of a temporary waterfall flowing from the Quadrangle building through a small courtyard, before making its way down behind the Brennan McCallum building. This vista was very much like the temporary cascades that I encountered in Earlwood one rainy day.

At the same time, all staff in the building received an email with the subject line “Severe Weather – Alert SOPHI Office to Open Windows” because the windows in my building a notoriously leaky. I like the idea that the Office is alerting the Windows! A parliament of things! But unfortunately the email redirects attention to the human staff:

Dear Colleagues,

Given the current wet weather please ensure all windows are closed and secured.

Should you be off campus and suspect your office window to be open, please be in touch with SOPHI Office
If you become aware of any damage resulting from the weather, please contact SOPHI Office.

I am interested in emails, strategies, contingency plans that are responsive to the limitations of buildings/infrastructure to manage the weather for us.


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