New York (Inferno)


From “New York” in Inferno (A Poet’s Novel) by Eileen Miles (New York: OR Books, 2010)

“We agreed to meet in the lobby of The Park Sheraton. I hated how the early fall weather could get in New York. You just didn’t have a chance. The buildings were really close and the sun was hot and it was humid in a way that simply made you feel filthy, no matter how clean you were. Years later I learned to love it. Cause you’d go down into the subway and you’d think you were in hell. For some reason I liked that. Though it took years. I think you just need more experience to understand hell as something possibly good. For instance living in New Mexico for a summer made me understand dry heat and so did sitting in a sauna which I actually did quite frequently a few years later. Once there was a distinction between dry heat and humidity you could know where you were. In New York I’d look at the lady in the laundromat. I’d go hot. And she’d shoot back, humid. Right now I was twenty-four and I had never felt anything like this.”

I read this today while walking in 38 degree heat up a hill.

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