Hot Day #1: Workplace

Yesterday was a hot day. The temperature hovered around 40C/102F all day. I received three emails from my department and a visit from one of the administrators preparing us for the hot weather, to ensure the building was able to cool us sufficiently, efficiently. I appreciated the care involved in preparing us for the heat. The third email suggested that not all buildings were up to it (plans are in place to make it better; arrangements can be made to work from home). After this email I especially I appreciated my magical and cool nook on the northern side of the Brennan McCallum building. I love my office so much. I mean love it. Like it is the nicest room I’ve ever worked in. Maybe the nicest room I will ever work in.

img_5383The only room that compares vaguely was in a house on King Street and it had two windows that opened onto a school playground. But that also had a bed in it and so it wasn’t just a workplace. I also got bedbugs in that house and almost lost my mind. And my current room has a nice computer, fancy windows, air conditioning. If they let me stay (which they won’t) but if they did I would produce my magnum opus in there. Guaranteed. It opens onto a quiet the hall way (which was approximately 10-degrees warmer, though it is hard to tell from the picture; I like that energy isn’t wasted cooling corridors)


Just about 5 metres down the hall from my office in the direction pictured is a kitchenette. It has a weird circular sink. I remember house I lived in in Enmore once had a circular sink. I was least happy in my life in that house. I also don’t need my sink to be too stylish. I think the circular sink is overkill. Especially for an office. The perks of this small kitchenette are a bar fridge to keep my food cool and a zip tap with instant boiling and chilled water.


I am glad I love my family because I often feel as though I would not want to leave my office. I also felt somewhat duplicitous because my project is about learning how to live differently with the weather and all I wanted to do on this hot day was be hauled up in my divinely cool office. I contemplated spending the day outside. I read the last six pages of Chapter 2 of Elizabeth Povinelli’s Geontologies¬†entitled “Can Rocks Die?” (Durham: Duke UP, 2016) outside. It wasn’t too bad. I had lunch outside. But I was happy to be inside. With a fridge to keep the milk cool, a tap with instant hot water. All the mod-cons controlling temperature of things in a variety of ways. I think I have to actually read all the air-conditioning literature.

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