Several views of a Sydney storm (8/12/16)

I love hashtags, especially during storms. Last night an amazing storm developed off the coast of Sydney. Woe betide the boats caught up in its fury. I went out the back to the spot where I’ve started doing an almost daily meditation to do a “lightning meditation” (informal / with talking). The aim was to let the light of this amazing storm arrive at my eyes, rather than straining my eyes in order to go out and reach the light. It was sublime insofar as it was silent, I was distant from it, I wasn’t worrying about whether or not we’d get struck. O, the safe awe of sublimnity!

Sydney Storm (8/12/16) from Jennifer Hamilton on Vimeo.

Turns out, lots of people in Sydney were looking eastward last night, how could you not? The Guardian collected a range of instagrammers who linked up their points of view via #sydneystorm –

I like “gatopiano”‘s (Cat piano?) the best: he decided to walk home instead of catching an uber. We need less spectacular events to inspire more walking!


I also snapped the BOM’s radar to get a sense of the scale and intensity of the storm too. Such an unusual tubular formation.


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