Delia Falconer on the Tank Stream

Pages 33-36 of Delia Falconer’s biography of Sydney (Sydney: New South Press, 2010) describe the Tank Stream as “only the best known of the thwarted waterways that continue to agitate across the city” (35). She continues that “it would be difficult to find a city more permeated by water, since the harbour extends a further two thirds of its length on the western side of the Harbour Bridge and flows into the suburbs through canals and mangrove-lined tidal creeks, as far as Parramatta” (36). Due to the abundance of water criss-crossing the city, Falconer cites Kenneth Slessor whom once described the city as “a kind of vaguer and dispersed Venice” (36).

I like the idea of the waterways as somewhat thwarted, but as continuing to agitate. She also provides examples of flooding in inner-city hotels, bookstores and office buildings as they continue to push back against this more-than-human civil disobedience.sydney_0

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