Research Selfies

I have an office at USYD, which is very nice to work in. And all academics have little notice boards outside their door. I don’t have any course material to share or consultation times to post, given I am “research only”, so I thought I should stick up some vanity pictures that give passing staff and students a sense of what I am doing inside these walls. These are not “selfies” of the “selfie stick” order, that would be very weird. Rather they are “research selfies” or “a picture that is worth fifteen academic keywords”: a poignant image that summarizes your research project. (The task of finding these images is what I call “colouring in”, a term I used a lot during my PhD when I’d spend the day doing fun adjunct tasks, but forgetting the main purpose: not quite procrastination, not quite productivity). Perhaps unsurprisingly, I was supposed to be working on my thesis-book today when I thought I’d google “sydney storms”.

Anyway – I found a few interesting shots of #sydneystorms

The header image is from March 8, 12 people at Lewisham station had to sneak along the edges of the wall in order to keep their toes dry before work.

On the same day the valley adjacent to the Cooks River Bardwell Valley, near Wolli Creek, flooded covering the traintracks:


There was also the time Bexley Station flooded and the timelapse made it to reddit:

Also I liked this photo of the recent Kurnell storm (which I documented on December 16, 2015) because it is of cars. So many images of cars driving through flood waters out there


But also I spent a bit of time looking for an appropriately urban upward & stepped leader shot – after Vicky Kirby, Karen Barad and Kate Wright – to no avail.

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